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Wenlong Li

Dr. Wenlong Li

Dr. Li has been serving as the General Secretary of the Mahjong International League since 2015 and holds the Professional 5 Duan of MCR in Mahjong.

In addition to his role in the world of Mahjong, he is a senior engineer in environmental science and earned his doctorate of science from Peking University in 2012.

Dr. Li has been dedicated to promoting Mahjong as a mind sport and aiming for its recognition as an Olympic sport since 1999. He has actively advocated for the inheritance of Mahjong culture throughout the global standardization, certification, and sport processes of Mahjong development.

Coordinating with national and district Mahjong organizations, he played a crucial role in assisting the founding President to establish the Mahjong International League in 2015. Dr. Li, along with his team, introduced innovative approaches such as the duplicate format for Mahjong competitions, reducing luck factors and contributing to the formal recognition of Mahjong as the 6th mind sport in 2017.

As a Mahjong player, he achieved notable victories, including the 16th Japan Championship (MCR) in 2016, the Dragon Sunrise Tournament in Reunion Island (France) in 2013, and various team championships. Currently, he holds the 3rd rank in MCR in P.R.China.

Main Social Commitments

From 2015 up to now, the General Secretary of Mahjong International League;

From 2018 up to now, the Vice-president and coordinator of China Majiang Federation;

From 2019 to 2023, the Board Member of International Mind Sport Association;

From 2023 up to now, the General Secretary of International Mind Sport Association

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