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Continental Bodies

IMSA Asia Pacific

The Asia-Pacific region is home to some of the world’s most populous countries, such as China and India. The region is characterized by its dynamism and rapid growth. It plays a crucial role not only in the global economy but in the priority the region gives to the development of Mind Sports. Suffice to say that the Asian Games in Hangzhou had five of the IMSA member sports participating!

Overall, the Asia-Pacific region is a vibrant and diverse part of the world, with a rich cultural heritage, economic significance, and natural beauty. It continues to play a pivotal role in shaping global mind sports!

IMSA Middle East and Africa

The Middle East and Africa are geographically two distinct regions with unique but common characteristics and cultural identities.

Whilst the Middle East possesses abundant reserves of oil and natural gas, Africa is rich in natural resources and in both cases, however human resources are the biggest asset!

There is huge scope of intellectual development in this Continent through Mind Sports and it is a crucial player in the long term success of IMSA.

IMSA Europe

Europe is home to a wide range of mind sports that are popular among amateurs and professional players. The major sports games involving mental skills and strategic thinking such as chess and bridge have been popular in this continent for a long time.

Europe has produced many world chess champions and continues to host prestigious chess tournaments. Bridge is a card game that requires strategic thinking, teamwork, and communication. It is widely played in Europe, with strong bridge traditions in countries like the Netherlands, Italy, and the United Kingdom. The major developments of eSports signifies a strategic change and requires coordination and planning.

IMSA Americas

The Americas, comprising North America, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean, have a variety of mind sports that are enjoyed by enthusiasts and competitive players. Whilst the traditional games such and chess and bridge are very popular, poker is widely popular and has a very extensive network throughout the Americas.

Once again, the advent of eSports will drive development throughout the continent in conjunction with the other mind sports