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Igor Trafane

Igor “Federal” Trafane

Igor, the Founder and first President of CBTH (National Poker Federation), has played a pivotal role in establishing it as the Sports Association and National Competent Poker Authority in Brazil. 

Simultaneously, Igor serves as the current President of the Pan American Poker Confederation (CPPD), uniting Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, and Chile.

As the CEO, founder, and main shareholder of the SuperPoker Business Group, the most prominent poker business group in Latin America, Igor oversees 12 companies and 15 brands.

Notable entities under this umbrella include BSOP (Brazilian Series Of Poker), the largest live poker tournament outside of Las Vegas, and the SuperPoker Media Group, the largest Poker Media Group in Latin America. Among the various brands are Flop Magazine, SuperPoker News Portal, TV PokerPro, Mebeliska, and Clubes do Brasil.

Furthermore, Igor holds the position of Chairman at H2 Club and H2 Brasil, the largest live poker room in Latin America, where he serves as an Honorary President.

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