IESF strengthens the Board with the appointment of Prince Omar Bin Faisal

IESF strengthens the Board with the appointment of Prince Omar Bin Faisal

The International Esports Federation (IESF) is pleased to announce the addition of HRH Prince Omar bin Faisal to its Board. Prince Omar brings a wealth of knowledge that transcends gaming from his position as Interim President of the Jordan Esports Federation and a member of the Board of Directors of the Arab Esports Federation.

As an IESF Board member and in his newly appointed position as Chair of the Gaming for Good Commission, which is responsible for society contribution in the form of organizing charity events, donations, and promoting community wellbeing activities, he expressed his commitment to achieving the potential of Esports and spreading its values worldwide. Prince Omar also emphasized Esports’ role in fostering greater inclusivity across sports, especially in offering opportunities to women and those with disabilities.

Prince Omar said:

“It is not just a game. Esports offer a unique opportunity for the youth to transform their lives, and it goes beyond the realm of mere gameplay. Esports doesn’t discriminate, it levels the playing field and enables individuals of all backgrounds, including those with disabilities, to participate and excel. I would also like to include more women and promote mixed teams. We study together, so why can’t we play together? Esports not only hone communication skills but also transcend physical boundaries. Gamers can be of all races and colors. You don’t know who you’re talking to behind the microphone. Gaming has opened up doors to understanding and appreciating other cultures.”

Prince Omar is determined to address the challenges faced by Esports athletes, including toxic environments and equal access to servers for all gamers.

He added:

“We must educate players and create a safe space where everyone can compete without fear. Proper internet infrastructure is essential to make gaming accessible to all. Equal access to servers also ensures a balanced playing field, no matter where you compete from, and will empower everyone to perform at their best. Under the leadership of the IESF President and in collaboration with my fellow Board members, I would like to use my board position and my role as the head of the Gaming for Good Commission to make gaming accessible to as many as possible across the world, especially the underprivileged. Esports can contribute to bringing down social barriers and foster greater inclusivity and equality in a way that many sports cannot. Esports does not discriminate and we have a responsibility to do all we can to attract more girls, women and those with disabilities to play, enjoy, and be empowered through Esports.”

The IESF warmly welcomes Prince Omar and looks forward to the positive impact his expertise and vision will bring to the world of Esports.

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