IESF Welcomes Bian Hongfeng as the Newest Board Member

IESF Welcomes Bian Hongfeng as the Newest Board Member

The International Esports Federation today announced the appointment of Bian Hongfeng from China as a new member of the IESF Board. Hongfeng will help foster meaningful relationships in the region and play a key role in promoting innovation and technological advancements in the esports ecosystem.

Hongfeng currently serves as the Vice Chairman of Taishan Sports Industry Group and President of Shenzhen Taishan Sports Technology Co., Ltd. He has overseen numerous sports technology research projects designed for some of the most renowned international sports organizations and bodies. Taishan Sports received the Gold Award during the 2018 China Excellent Industrial Design Awards.

Hongfeng also serves as the People’s Representative of Dezhou City and Vice Secretary-General of the Jinan City Youth Entrepreneurs Association. His commitment and involvement in youth development and extensive experience in sports technology and public administration in China will significantly contribute to IESF’s vision, goals, and objectives.

“We are extremely proud to welcome Bian Hongfeng to the IESF Board. His dedication and expertise in esports, technology, and youth will significantly contribute to IESF’s mission of uniting the World Esports Family and the advancement of esports. We look forward to further growing IESF’s presence in China and working together to solidify the region as a global esports hub.”

IESF Secretary General Boban Totovski

IESF recently signed a strategic partnership with the Chinese city of Qingdao to promote esports growth and development within the Asian region. A new IESF Asia-Pacific office will be established to host international events in Asia and encourage cooperation among key industry stakeholders.

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