WBT News!

WBT News!

The World Championships in Marrakech are over. Not surprisingly they resulted in large movements in the Tour rankings. Jacek Kalita & Michal Klukowski took a giant leap all the way up to 12th place after winning the Bermuda Bowl (their teammates were already highly placed).

At the very top Antonio Sementa & Alfredo Versace overtook Thomas Bessis & Cedric Lorenzini (who did not play in Marrakech) by placing third in the Bermuda Bowl, to re-claim the top spot in the rankings.

Christian Bakke & Boye Brogeland moved from 7th to 3rd by finishing second in the Bermuda Bowl. Sjoert Brink & Bas Drijver, Joe Grue & Brad Moss and Jerome & Leo Rombaut round out the top six.

Coming up still this month are Tour events in Lithuania, New Zealand, and Turkey, which I suspect will result in a few more partnerships being added to the 771(!) already in the Tour Ranking.

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