FCG Becomes 7th Member of IMSA

The 2018 SportAccord Convention kicks off on Apr.15th in Bangkok, Thailand. During this big sport event, the International Mind Sports Association (IMSA) held its annual General assembly on Apr.18th.

IMSA is pleased to announce the Federation of Card Games (“FCG”) has officially become the 7th member of IMSA after the General assembly. Have submitted a formal application for Full Member status of IMSA, representatives of FCG presented to IMSA’s Executive Council on 18 April 2018 the tremendous progress it has made in elevating the status of card games towards becoming a mind sport around the world.

FCG, established in Lausanne, Switzerland, is an international association established by uniting multiple regional card game organizations. FCG is active in adding popular regional card games into the federation, with the goal of creating a global group of highly popular games enjoyed by its members globally. Since becoming IMSA’s Observer Member exactly one year ago, FCG has organized numerous exhibitions, matches and tournaments, and now consists of 42 members around the world. Through systematizing and sportifiying the game, FCG is committed to transforming card games from casual entertainment already enjoyed by many, to a globally respected professional mind sport.

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